The predominant specialization of the Aguilar Law Offices is insurance law. The belief of the management of the Firm is that the strong regulatory hand of insurance departments throughout the United States, especially California, so permeates the insurance industry that no aspect of insurance activity can be transacted without a detailed knowledge of the regulator and the regulations promulgated under his legislative mandate. The operations of an insurer at all levels, including initial financing and admission, management operations, investments of funds, statutory and surplus, the acceptance of coverage, the analysis of the scope of the risks underwritten and the analysis and settlement of claims, all stem from the statutory capital and surplus requirements of the Insurance Code and from the informal and unpublished policies of the regulator which are ultimately articulated by the courts with respect to specific factual situations and molded into case law.

The resources of the Firm are unique in that the Firm has substantial ties and experience with regulators throughout the country (although concentrating in California), key insurance industry groups and associations, and many key insurance company chief executive officers throughout the United States. The Firm has specifically dedicated the majority of its resources to the formation and qualification of domestic insurance companies and to securing authorization for foreign and alien insurance companies to transact insurance business in California.

The Firm provides full corporate and litigation services to various insurers. It concentrates its efforts in the corporate services arena, but maintains the ability to move quickly and efficiently in representing its insurance clientele before the courts. Whether its an acquisition by an insurance company or a purchase of the assets of an insurance producer or agency, the Firm can move quickly to resolve the most complex corporate transactions. Among the services currently provided, the Firm acts as coverage and defense counsel to domestic, foreign and alien insurers. The Firm evaluates the claims as presented, provides investigation reports, settles claims and where necessary, handles the defense.

The Firm believes that the unique insight gained from its knowledge of insurance law and its evolution, before and after promulgation by the legislator and the Insurance Commissioner, and an intimate involvement in the design and regulatory review of the insurance industry, gives it an edge over much larger legal organizations.

The Firm is constantly evolving and reacting to new legislation. The Firm is in a unique position to interpret the scope and effect of pending legislation and its impact on the insurance industry. The Firm has been active in narrowing the effect of insurance statutes and in defining various surplus lines laws. The Firm feels that the service it offers to its current clientele in this area is unsurpassed by any other law firm in California. It is this ability to quickly and efficiently adjust to the changes in the law of insurance which will be a benefit and asset to current and future clientele.