The litigation attorneys have been involved in insurance complex litigation involving major issues of law which have resulted in the publication of those matters in the records of the California appellate system. A cursory review of these cases will reveal the mastery of insurance Law and the ability to argue abstract as well as common-law legal theories on behalf of its clients.

Published Appellate Cases

National Casualty Company v Sovereign General Insurance Services, Inc. (3/14/06)
137 Cal.App.4th 812

Gill v Rich (4/29/05)
128 Cal.App.4th 1245

Abbassi v Welke (5/25/04)
118 Cal.App.4th 1353

Chen v Superior Court (5/13/04)
118 Cal.App.4th 761

Stoops v Abbassi (7/26/02)
100 Cal.App.4th 644

Seo v all-Makes Overhead Doors (4/24/02)
97 Cal.App.4th 1193