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We regularly monitor the development of insurance legislation, rules and regulations promulgated by the California Insurance Commissioner as well as any expansion of the Insurance Commissioners authority to regulate the business of insurance such as the Commissioners current effort to re-characterize the propriety of wholesales broker fees.

We provide litigation support to Retail Broker-Agents, wholesale Surplus Lines Brokers, Managing General Agents, as well as insurance companies doing business in California, in addition to providing corporate and Insurance regulatory advice necessary to successfully avoid the legal and regulatory pitfalls in promoting and servicing their products in California. Our attorneys understanding of the insurance industry and the marketing and sale of insurance products uniquely enhances their ability to efficiently prosecute or defend claims against insurers or production agencies. Our goal is to provide a well-rounded bundle of litigation services for all of our clients


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Surplus Line Brokers

The California excess and surplus line insurance market has narrowed over the past 5 years but remains an aggressive industry straining the ability of wholesale surplus line brokers to respond to the growing demand. The California Insurance Commissioner has made this a high-profile industry and the cautious wholesaler and/or surplus line broker must be alert to the changing attitudes of the regulator. The transaction of excess and surplus line business, albeit profitable, carries the real threat of regulation by administrative fait. Wholesalers and surplus line broker's must be vigilant against litigation instituted by the uninformed consumer and their attorneys.

We will up-date this website periodically to address evolving legal issues governing this essential segment of the insurance industry in California.

Recent Cases impacting Surplus Line Brokers & Insurance Wholesalers